This is a community website on Genetic Improvement.
In practice this means two things: first, that no single person is really responsible for maintaining it, especially regarding pages that are by nature incomplete (e.g., the list of GI tools or the living survey) or potentially subjective (e.g., the GI success stories). And second, that anyone, from student to professor, from researcher to practitioner, is very welcome to contribute improving it.

Examples of contributions

Even the smallest of contribution will help the website and through it help the GI field altogether. While not limited to the following, do not hesitate to:

How to contribute

This website is hosted on GitHub pages on a public repository: From there you can easily open issue tickets, fork the repository, and submit pull requests.
Alternatively, you can directly contact us.

In practice, GitHub pages internally uses Jekyll, which in turn uses markdown and liquid. Once forked, you can edit the website simply by installing Ruby and the jekyll and jekyll-seo-tag gems. Once installed, you can host the website locally by running $ jekyll serve from a terminal and visiting (presumably) the address Note that committing changes to a self-hosting GitHub fork will lead to a CNAME related page build warning email; this is a normal and expected result.

Useful resources