4th International Genetic Improvement Workshop

We are happy to announce that the fourth edition of the Genetic Improvement Workshop will take place on 2 June 2018 in Gothenburg, Sweden, co-located with ICSE 2018 !

The workshop will tkae place in Room R11/12.

Thank you for all the submissions! The workshop’s schedule and papers have been published. We would also like to invite all authors of accepted papers to dinner after the workshop 🙂

There are up to 5 studentships for students (graduate or undergraduate) whose work was accepted at the workshop! Details have been forwarded to the authors of accepted papers.

A comprehensive survey on GI is available here. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Keynote: Evolving Software Quality

We are pleased to announce that Claire Le Goues will give the invited keynote speech !

Other GI events

The Genetic Improvement Workshop series

An article on the third edition of the workshop appeared in the latest edition of SiGEvolution. Further details of the first, second and third editions of the workshop can be found via tabs at the top of this page (e.g. see  2015 papers, 2016 papers, 2017 Papers).