Genetic Improvement 2018 @ ICSE will take place from 08:45 on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018, in room R11/12.

Short papers have been allocated 15 minutes plus 5 for questions (20 total).

Full papers have been allocated 25 minutes plus 5 for questions (30 total).

Session OneJustyna Petke (Session Chair)
09001030Keynote: Evolving Software QualityClaire Le Goues
Session TwoKatie Stolee (Session Chair)
11001130Neutrality and Epistasis in Program SpaceJoseph Renzullo, Westley Weimer, Melanie Moses, and Stephanie Forrest
11301200Experiments in Genetic Divergence for Emergent SystemsChristopher McGowan, Alexander Wild, and Barry Porter
12001220A Turing Test for Genetic ImprovementAfsoon Afzal, Jeremy Lacomis, Claire Le Goues, and Christopher Timperley
Session ThreeBill Langdon (Session Chair)
14001430Comparing Line and AST Granularity Level for Program Repair using PyGGIGabin An, Jinhan Kim and Shin Yoo
14301500Performance LocalisationBrendan Cody-Kenny, Michael O'Neill and Stephen Barrett
15001520A spoonful of DevOps helps the GI go downBenoit Baudry, Nicolas Harrand, Eric Schulte, Chris Timperley, Shin Hwei Tan, Marija Selakovic, and Emamurho Ugherughe
Session FourWestley Weimer (Session Chair)
16001630Learning to SynthesizeYingfei Xiong, Bo Wang, Guirong Fu and Linfei Zang
16301650Evolutionary Fuzzing for Genetic Improvement: Toward Adaptive Software DefenseJason Landsborough, Stephen Harding and Bryan Beabout
16501730Discussion, Best Presentation Vote, Awards and Closing