Genetic Improvement 2017 will take place from 1040 on Sunday July 16th 2017 at GECCO.

Session One will be chaired by David R. White, Session Two by Bill Langdon, and Session Three by Justyna Petke.

Short papers have been allocated 10 minutes plus 5 for questions (15 total).

Full papers have been allocated 20 minutes plus 5 for questions (25 total).

Session One
10401050Opening RemarksDavid R. White
10501150Keynote: Genetic Programming between Artificial Intelligence and Software EngineeringWolfgang Banzhaf
11501215Fixing Bugs in Your Sleep: How Genetic Improvement Became an Overnight SuccessSaemundur O. Haraldsson
12151230Embedding Genetic Improvement into Programming LanguagesShin Yoo
Session Two
14001425Learning from Super-MutantsJason Landsborough
14251450Deep Parameter Optimisation on Android Smartphones for Energy Minimisation - A Tale of Woe and a Proof-of-ConceptMarkus Wagner
14501505Evolving Software Building Blocks with FINCHMichael Orlov
15051520GI in No TimeDavid R. White
15201535Gaining Insights into Traffic Data through Genetic ImprovementAniko Ekart
15351550New Operators for Non-functional Genetic ImprovementJustyna Petke
Session Three
16101635Modelling Genetic Improvement Landscapes with Local Optima NetworksNadarajen Veerapen
16351700Genetic Improvement of Runtime in a Bioinformatics ApplicationSaemundur O. Haraldsson
17001715Improving SSE Parallel Code with Grow and Graft Genetic ProgrammingW. B. Langdon
17151730From Problem Landscapes to Language Landscapes: Questions in Genetic ImprovementBrendan Cody-Kenny
17301800Awards and Closing RemarksJustyna Petke