The 6th International Workshop on Genetic Improvement Organising Committee

Justyna Petke

Justyna Petke is a Principal Research Fellow and Proleptic Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Research on Evolution, Search and Testing (CREST), at University College London. She is interested in Constraint Satisfaction, Search-Based Software Engineering, and Genetic Improvement.

Shin Hwei Tan 陈馨慧

Shin Hwei Tan is a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology. Her research interests include automated program repair, software testing, comment analysis, test repair, and mobile app analysis.

William B. Langdon

William B. Langdon is a Professorial research associate at University College London. His research interests include genetic programming and genetic improvement.

Westley Weimer

Westley Weimer is a Professor at the University of Michigan. He is interested in program analysis and transformation, automated program repair, and improvement of software properties.

Bobby R. Bruce

Bobby R. Bruce is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research interests include genetic improvement, and search-based software engineering. He maintains the web-page.

The 6th International Workshop on Genetic Improvement Program Committee

Nadia Alshahwan

Nadia Alshahwan is a Software Engineer at Facebook, London.

Brad Alexander

Brad Alexander is a Lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

Aniko Ekart

Aniko Ekart is the Associate Dean of Postgraduate Programmes at Aston University.

Saemundur Haraldsson

Saemundur Haraldson is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University.

Ciera Jaspan

Ciera Jaspan is the tech lead manager of the Engineering Productivity Research within Developer Infrastructure at Google.

Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson is a Reader and Associate Dean of Sciences at the University of Kent.

Lea Kristin Gerling

Lea Kristin Gerling works for the Software Engineering Systems group at Hildesheim University.

Corina Pasareanu

Corina Pasareanu is a software engineering researcher at the NASA Ames Research Center.

Abhik Roychoudhury

Abhik Roychoudhury is a Professor in the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore.

Christopher Timperley

Christopher Timperley is a Systems Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University.

Emamurho Ugherughe

Emamurho Ugherughe is a Software Engineer at SAP, Berlin.

Markus Wagner

Markus Wagner is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide.

David R. White

David R. White is a Research Associate at the University of Sheffield.

John Woodward

John Woodward is a Lecturer at Queen Mary University.

Jifeng Xuan

Jifeng Xuan is a Professor at Wuhan University.

Bing Xue

Bing Xue is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Wellington.

Ling Zhu

Ling Zhu is a Research Engineer at the Ford Motor Company.

Nur Zincir-Heywood

Nur Zincir-Heywood is a Professor at Dalhousie University.